Bharatpur National park


  • Birder's paradise-it is that time of the year again to visit Bharatpur to watch the winged wonders. They fly thousands of miles to escape the harsh winter in outer mangolia, Siberia and other such frozen places. Bird watching is an addiction. The variety on offer is mind boggling and the patience and skill required for sporting some of them is special plus you need and encyclopaedic memory to identify the birds and to differentiate one species from another. The park has about 250 species of birds all year round and from October onwards about 150 more species wing their way in till March. India is a major bird watching Destination with the country accounting for 12percent of all bird species in the world.Birding gives a unique calmness. This Joy is difficult to discrib and quite out of the ordinary. Try it once it will get you hooked. You every day worries that nine to five routine with two more hours of commuting is tranquilised as you watch a bar headed goose (bar headed geese can fly over 26,000 ft) relex in the white lily filled marsh. The best way to explore Bharatpur is by walking the ten kilometres. At every turn you see Bird's nesting, feeding and killing We saw a chilling sight that reminded us that this is a wild place. A shikra swooped down picked up a large frog and even the poor creature shirked as it was eaten alive.
  • Bharatpur is found within the Braj region of state Rajasthan, around thirty eight kilometer from Mathura.Bharatpur is famous for the Keoladeo parkland, that habitats over 370 species of animals and's recognised together of the foremost in style birds feeding and breeding grounds.In 1982 the park was marked as a parkland, and later in 1985, it came on the list of World Heritage Sites by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  • This parkland, regionally referred to as African country, has been a winter home for the Siberian Crane; a species on the verge of extinction (considered associate degree vulnerable bird today).
How to reach
  • Bharatpur is well connected by road to Agra (56 km, 1 hour), Delhi (184 km, 4 hours) and Jaipur (176 km, 3 hours).
  • Regular rail services join Bharatpur to all major cities along with Delhi, and Keoladeo National park is 5km from railway station.
  • MountAbu:-Rajasthan's-only hill station due to its serene environment and Lush green environment makers it a major tourist destination within the state. Howevar the most important attraction are undoubtedly the Dilwara temple which is the most stunning place architecture in the country. If you are found of a history or architecture this is one of those places that you should not miss in india at all. this holy mountain lies at the southern extremely of the Aravalli range of hills. Rich in forests flora and fauna the town is like an oasis.

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